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When lightning strikes sand, glass forms naturally.  You can’t get more pure than that!

Glass allows us to transcend reality and to experience all aspects of our nature. Glass genuinely makes us strong & delicate, elegant & simple, modern & authentic, beautiful & distant, honest & intriguing, pure & seductive, extraordinary yet inevitable.

That’s why glass is transformative and is the best packaging material to capture a brand’s emotion.


Glass creates emotional connections with the consumers through a multi-sensory experience. It is the only packaging material that people are inspired to save, reuse, repurpose, collect and display.


Glass is all about the taste buds. Because it is odorless and flavorless, it preserves and presents the flavor of a product exactly as intended. When taste counts, glass wins.


Glass is pure and impermeable, so it helps keep food and beverages fresh. It is easy to clean, sterilize and re-use—all increasingly important to a health-conscious world. It is the only food contact material that is ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


Glass is made from three natural ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash. It also has endless lives: it is 100 percent recyclable, from bottle to bottle, endlessly. In fact, a glass bottle can go from the recycling bin back to the store shelf in as little as 30 days.


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